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Active Adult Retirement Living: What it is and Could it be Right for You?

There’s a lifestyle choice out there that’s gaining popularity among seniors who treasure their independent lifestyle and want to keep learning, engaging and making a difference. It’s called active adult retirement living, and it might be just what you’re looking for an opportunity to live life at its best.

Active adult retirement living: what it is and what it offers you

Active adult retirement living communities, like Carroll Lutheran Village, offer maintenance-free independent living with a variety of convenient on-site services and amenities to help keep you active and independent for as long as you are able. According to the National Institute on Aging’s Participating in Activities You Enjoy as You Age, as an active senior, you:

  • Are less likely to develop dementia, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer
  • Typically live longer
  • Feel happier and healthier
  • Tend to cope better with difficult situations
  • May be able to improve thinking

Active adult retirement communities offer the freedom to fill your days with activities and events as you choose, surrounded by your peers. You can go about your days in a friendly and welcoming environment, knowing you’ve chosen a lifestyle overflowing with opportunities to embrace life and enjoy all the available services and amenities including:

  • Lifelong learning opportunities
  • Wellness and fitness programs
  • Resident clubs for special interests
  • Group events and outings
  • Dining in a variety of on-site restaurants

Some of the benefits of active adult retirement living include:

  • Location
    These communities are often located in prime locations close to first-rate entertainment, cultural events, shopping, dining, spa services and more. For example, Carroll Lutheran Village is within minutes from downtown Westminster and within driving distance to the cultural attractions of Baltimore, Annapolis and Gettysburg.
  • No maintenance
    Active adult retirement living is perfect if you looking to give up lawn maintenance and household repairs. It’s all taken care of by an attentive team.
  • Easy access to prime amenities
    Most active adult retirement living puts you within easy reach of swimming, golf, tennis, croquet courts, pickleball courts, bicycling and hiking trails, and other desirable activities that help promote active adult retirement living.
  • A residence that’s just the right size
    In active adult retirement living communities, you don’t have the hassle of dealing with space you no longer need. These communities offer a variety of home and apartment floor plans – Carroll Lutheran Village offers 24 – so you can choose the best option that fits your needs. When living in the right amount of space, there’s less to deal with and worry about, which leaves you with more energy and time to enjoy what matters – living every day with an inspiring, fresh approach to life.
  • Like-minded neighbors
    There’s a comfort to living in a neighborhood of peers, where everyone is busy making the most of this special chapter of life. The atmosphere is generally peaceful and serene yet fun.
  • Lots of choices
    What will you do with all your newfound free time? Just about anything you like and, in many cases, right where you are. Active adult retirement living communities often feature game rooms, a fitness center, a library, social spots, outdoor recreation area, in addition to an activities calendar that’s packed with fun and interesting classes, programs and events.
  • A sense of community
    While you are free to do your own thing and enjoy your privacy as much as you like, it’s also nice to know others around you are there for conversation and camaraderie. Socialization is a vital element in both healthy aging and longevity, and active adult retirement living puts you amid a friendly group of peers. Whether it’s walking your dog with a neighbor, hitting a golf course together or sharing a meal, being around others you enjoy is very good for you.
  • A safe and secure environment
    Active adult living communities are designed for the well-being and safety of those 60 and older. That means well-lit walking paths, wide open spaces, fire alarms and smoke detectors, security cameras and keypad access. There’s also the added benefit that comes from living in a tight-knit community that looks out for one another. You can enjoy the outdoors with confidence, and also leave your residence when traveling and know a watchful eye is present.

Active adult retirement living communities provide many fun engaging activities (e.g. trips, lifelong learning and wellness classes, hands-on workshops, events and more) for you to enjoy with neighborly friends and convenient on-site services – all to help you remain active and independent for as long as you are able.

If you’re looking to spend your retirement years doing the things that bring you pleasure instead of maintaining a home and lawn, start looking into active adult retirement communities. Our blog post will help you understand the pros and cons. When you tour, be sure to use our checklist – Questions to Ask When Looking at Active Adult Retirement Communities.