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Dedicated Volunteer: Illuminating Community Spirit

There are unsung heroes whose dedication and selflessness impact everyone they touch. For the past five years, resident Owen McFadden has been an indispensable part Carroll Lutheran Village’s family, dedicating his time and energy to volunteer work and leaving a trail of kindness wherever he goes.

Born in Hampden, MD, he moved to Pimlico at age seven. As an adult, he moved to Reisterstown and where he lived for 46 years, leaving a legacy as a skilled bricklayer who contributed to the construction of the Chartley Apartments nearby.

When he decided to move to CLV, it was not solely for its amenities or comfortable living spaces. He was familiar with the area, as his grandparents had once called Westminster home. This connection and knowing many people in the community provided him with a strong sense of belonging.

McFadden’s footprint is prominent throughout CLV – from its library, where he indulges in his love for reading, to its assisted living neighborhood and Health Care Center, where he lends a helping hand with a smile pushing a cart that is full of tasty beverages and snacks, delivering packages that brighten up days and watering plants and flowers that beautify the surroundings.

His dedication to volunteering goes far beyond his years at CLV. Throughout his life, he has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to making the world a better place, including being involved with the Knights of Columbus, where he embraced camaraderie and community service, Pimlico Pleasure Club, where he crafted baskets for the less fortunate, and Optimus Club. He has always helped others.

McFadden’s story reminds us of the impact a single individual can have on an entire community. Through a lifetime of volunteerism and selflessness, he leaves a legacy of kindness and compassion for others to follow. We can all draw inspiration from his journey and find opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

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Owen McFadden is a dedicated volunteer