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On the advice of local law enforcement, we are advising the public that Carroll Lutheran Village is the victim of identity theft in what appears to be a nationwide check cashing scam.  Here’s what we know:

Several people across the country have received fraudulent checks purportedly from Carroll Lutheran Village.  People affected may have learned of fictitious employment opportunities through a fraudulent Facebook page and may have applied for these positions through InDeed.

Carroll Lutheran Village has contacted appropriate authorities and is cooperating with their investigation.  If you receive a check like this – DO NOT CASH IT.  Contact your local police department. 

It is important to note that Carroll Lutheran Village funds and accounts have not been affected.  And, while Carroll Lutheran Village does recruit employees on a variety of print and digital platforms, current employment opportunities are listed on the Carroll Lutheran Village web site for anyone who would like to verify the position availability or apply directly.

Carroll Lutheran Village has been a vital part of the Carroll County community for nearly 40 years.  We value our employees, residents, and neighbors in the greater community.  We deeply regret that others are affected by this unsettling situation and look forward to the resolution of the police investigation.