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Stephen Ministries provides one-to-one care to residents who are experiencing life challenges (e.g. depression, loneliness, family loss, loss of faith, health concerns and end of life issues).  

Care receivers can be of any faith or spiritual persuasion. They can self-refer or be referred. Referrals can come from the Stephen Ministries’ leaders and ministers, residents, family members and team members.  

After determining, from an initial evaluation, that Stephen Ministries fits a resident’s need(s) and the resident agrees to participate in the program, a Stephen Minister is assigned to him/her. Both meet weekly for about an hour.  

The ministers focus on listening, understanding and empathizing with care receivers. They are careful to remember they are not therapists and avoid trying to fix care receivers’ problems. They are caregivers and not cure givers. If care receivers need more support than a minister can offer, a referral is made to an outside professional or mental health specialist.  

Everyone involved strictly observes confidentiality. From the selection of candidates to the supervision of sessions, the names of care receivers are never revealed nor are the identifying case details ever discussed.  

Learn more about becoming a Stephen Minister at CLV.

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