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Meet Our Model Railroad Club Engineers

Meet our Model Railroad Club engineers, and learn more about the displays representing the local area and  what inspired these residents’ passion for model trains.

Image of HO model railroad turntable.
HO model railroad of Parker Junction with models of a Greyhound bus driving by and people waiting on the platform for the train.
HO mole railroad structure of Maryland Midland Engine Shop.

Since 2007, our Model Railroad Club residents, or as we love to call them “CLV’s Engineers,” have spent countless hours constructing our HO scale model railroad, delighting our community residents along with model railroad enthusiasts. If you are wondering what HO scale means, it represents the 1:87 scale, which is half that of the O scale.  Within the model railroad world, there are a number of different rail transport modeling scale types, but HO the most commonly used world-wide.

Our train room is located in our Weller Circle building, where club members meet at least twice weekly to maintain, expand and enjoy the model railroad and trains. Most of the trains are local such as B&O, C&O, Western Maryland and Maryland Midland. Moreover, the majority of the buildings were initially sketched and built from scratch. Craig Greaves, a 14 year member, likes to refer to the train room as “a work in progress.”

We are delighted at how the train room has evolved over the years, and we want to sincerely thank our past, current and future club residents for their talents and dedication. The train room is a wonderful achievement, as you’ll see in the video.

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