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The Go Green Initiative: Building a Better Future

Going green is no longer just a trend, it’s a necessity. As a society, we need to be more conscious of our actions and their effect on the environment.

Carroll Lutheran Village has implemented a number of green initiatives and has now expanded green practices to its culinary services including:

  1. Reducing its printed materials.

Weekly menus are available in three digital formats. Residents can access menus by email, on the resident portal – TouchTown – or view one of the many digital TV displays located throughout the community. This digital approach reduces printing by 3,000 pages per week.

  1. Using a LeanPath program to measure, track and reduce kitchen waste.

Using scales and tablets in each kitchen we are tracking food waste to better determine how we can reduce it.  Equipped with specially designed software, team members use the tablets to measure food waste (e.g. food scraps, expired items, over-production and other forms of food waste). We have reduced food waste by 10% in the two months of implementing the program.

  1. Encouraging residents to use fewer disposable goods.

We all know the negative impact disposable goods have on the environment. They contribute to the ever-growing landfills, harm wildlife and emit harmful gases. To tackle this issue, we emphasize reusable products save the community money and are better for the environment. Small actions like this can make a big long-term difference.

Our Culinary team have been receptive to the change and view it as doing their part to contribute positively to the future. General Manager – Culinary Steve Newcombe loves the LeanPath program and is having a little competitive fun with his team. The kitchen that saves the most money gets a party.

CLV’s commitment to providing a green community includes transitioning to LED lighting around campus, adding solar panels to apartment buildings and installing charging stations for electric vehicles. Learn about more green initiatives.

Beyond saving money, the culinary service’s Go Green initiatives – reducing printed materials and food waste as well as promoting using fewer disposable goods – helps to reduce CLV’s carbon footprint. We are committed to keeping our community beautiful and supporting the natural environment that provides the picturesque views that surround our community for residents and team members to enjoy.

We hope our efforts will inspire others to join us in creating a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future.

NO disposable goods