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The Power of Compassion: How One Woman is Making a Difference

Carole Waddell exemplifies compassionate service, a Lutheran Social Ministries of Maryland’s core value, at work and in her personal life.

At Carroll Lutheran Village, Waddell compassionate service is displayed daily as concierge. LSMMD’s Vice President of Operations, Ken Connelly said, “She consistently shows care and patience with residents and team members who need assistance.” She also often makes homemade treats to share with team members … just because.

Waddell’s compassionate service extends beyond CLV’s campus to the nurses at Carroll Hospital. Waddell’s daughter was a nurse at Carroll Hospital when the pandemic started. Health care workers were overwhelmed, stressed and working long hours. Seeing how the pandemic affected her daughter, Waddell felt she had to do something, so she purchased snacks, treats and fruit, put them in a bowl and delivered it to the intermediate care unit, where her daughter worked. The nurses were so grateful that Waddell took more snacks and treats the following month. This was the beginning of Waddell’s monthly nurse appreciation visits.

Three years later, Waddell continues to purchase, create and deliver between 35 – 50 treats to the nurses at Carroll Hospital. Although her daughter transferred to another hospital last year, Waddell continues her monthly visits especially as the other nurses begged her not to stop.

Over time, Waddell’s treats have progressed to small-themed activities, handmade gifts and food. Some of her treats included a:

• Tabletop carnival
• Caramel apple bar
• Easter lotto eggs – she had custom lotto-like tickets made
• Valentine’s Day crunch bags
• Beeswax ornaments – made from her daughter’s honeybees

Waddell’s commitment to showing gratitude to the nurses at Carroll Hospital is inspiring. Her kind and selfless acts of compassion have not only made a difference in their lives, but have also touched the hearts of everyone who hears her story. Waddell’s dedication to serving others is a reminder that small acts of kindness can have a profound impact on those around us. Her story is a testament to the power of compassion and the positive change it can bring to our communities.

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