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Connie Hawk’s Enduring Impact: A Lifelong Commitment to Care and Service

From early childhood, Connie Hawk’s dream of becoming a nurse was clear. She practiced her nursing skills using her cardboard doctor’s kit to “treat” her dolls. Her dream and determination led her to becoming the first nurse in her family and working 53 years in the profession.Resident Connie Hawk provides care and support to many.

In 1961, she was part of the team that helped open Carroll County General Hospital. Compared to today’s 168-bed facility, there were only 60 beds, four nurses in the operating room and a small emergency room with four stretchers.

During the last 24 years of her nursing career, she worked for Frederick Memorial Hospital, now known as Frederick Health Hospital, in case management assisting patients with appropriate discharge plans. Her dedication to caring for others extended beyond the hospital walls.

Hawk’s journey to become a nurse was never sidelined even after meeting and falling in love with her high school sweetheart, Neil. After graduating from college in 1961, they married in 1962. Their love was deep and enduring, spanning 49 wonderful years until Neil’s passing in 2011.

After seven and a half years in her family home following her husband’s passing, Hawk embarked on a new chapter, moving to Carroll Lutheran Village. Having been a nurse case manager, she was familiar with CLV’s commitment to excellence in senior living.

Though Hawk is retired, her passion for caregiving didn’t end. She works part-time at three local funeral homes, providing support and solace to those experiencing loss. Having lost her father to a heart attack when she was a teenager, she knows firsthand the importance of having support during challenging times. She is determined to be that support and “shoulder” for others.

She also dedicates approximately 20 hours a week volunteering, like many CLV residents, from her home for the Bridging Life Hospice bereavement team. She provides comfort and solace to those who need it most.

Hawk doesn’t limit herself to caregiving alone – she volunteers at CLV by serving on several resident committees:

  1. Wellness Committee Chair: Leading the charge in promoting resident well-being.
  2. Health Care Committee Member: Serving as a tour guide and providing support to fellow residents.
  3. Crafting and Gifting Committee: Creating thoughtful favors and gifts for health care and assisted living residents.
  4. Spiritual Life Committee: Acting as an usher and greeter during spiritual services.

When she’s not working or volunteering, she’s rooting for her favorite teams, the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens, and participating in CLV’s activities such as aerobic classes, day trips, card making and many other activities to help her stay active and healthy.

Like all CLV residents Hawk chooses activities from CLV’s Flourish™ wellness program, which focuses on engaging the mind, energizing the body and nurturing the spirit, as well as lifelong learning classes, many of which are taught by college professors.

Hawk has devoted her life to caring for others, a commitment that continues to shine in her retirement. Her dedication, compassion and unwavering support are not just qualities but a way of life. She exemplifies the difference one person can make in the lives of many while living a happy and active lifestyle.

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