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Meet Anne Kempsell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Our President and CEO Jeff Branch’s interview with Anne Kempsell, vice president of sales and marketing, provides some interesting insights, professionally and personally. She’s not only spent numerous years working in senior living, but she also used to own a business making custom childrensware.

Branch asks about her family including how she met her husband, where she grew up, if she has any pets and where she lives now. He then delves into her professional experience (i.e. where she went to college, how she got into senior living) and working at LSMMD including why she decided to work over an hour from where she lives and projects that have been the focus of her attention as well as initiatives she would like to accomplish during the year.

He ends with focusing on her interests such as how she spends her time, if she has any hobbies, what’s on her bucket list and who she would choose to have lunch with if she could have lunch with anyone.

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