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Meet Suzy Dyer-Gear, Vice President of Human Resources

Our President and CEO’s, Jeff Branch, interview with Suzy Dyer-Gear, vice president of human resources, reveals professional and personal insights. Being one of five daughters and mom of two sons, this Cumberland, MD native shares the unique story of how she meet her husband, who is from South Africa, and her love of sports.

Having graduated from the University of Tennessee, which has influenced orange being her favorite color, she worked as an alcohol and substance abuse counselor to later spending 30+ years working in HR, including owning an HR/organizational development consulting firm. Being happy in her consulting career, she was persuaded by a colleague to meet with CLV’s former president. After her “three-hour tour,” she knew she had to join CLV.

Learn more about Dyer-Gear and the projects that has her and her team’s attention.

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