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The Power of Pets

Over 70 million American households have pets. Why? It’s simple; pets improve the quality of our lives. They teach us responsibility and offer us unconditional loyalty and loving companionship.

Health care providers are well aware of the positive therapeutic role animals play. That’s why you see therapy dogs visiting patients in hospitals and fish tanks in doctors’ offices.

There are many advantages to having a pet, especially when you are a senior. Studies show the company of a pet helps decrease loneliness and anxiety. Caring for a dog means walking it several times a day, which provides exercise that can strengthen your heart, reduce blood pressure and improve gait and balance. Less stress and better overall health often means fewer trips to the doctor.

The responsibilities for caring for a pet can give you a sense of purpose, which may result in a greater ability to perform daily living activities. Essentially, caring for pets when you are older is a win for you, and a definite win for your special friend.

We love our furry residents! We have a dog park, for them to run off leash in a safe enclosed area, and an abundant amount sidewalks and trails  disposable bags and decorative depositories along the routes. To the right, are just a few of our furry residents.