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A Little Positivity Goes a Long Way

A simple change in perspective can provide lifelong benefits. A positive attitude makes difficult situations easier to manage and research suggests it may lead to a longer lifespan, lower stress, improve resistance to illnesses and increase physical and mental well-being. Try these tips to live each day happier and more optimistic:

Surround yourself with positive people.
When you surround yourself with optimistic people, the attitude becomes contagious.

Be forgiving.
Try not to dwell on past events by blaming yourself. Instead, focus on making improvements, and learning from your mistakes.

Write in a gratitude journal.
Daily reminders of everything you’re thankful for helps to maintain a positive outlook. Journal entries can include events such as enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or hearing the birds sing in the morning. Anything that brings joy to your day is certainly worth recognizing.

Help others.
Inquire about volunteer opportunities or help a neighbor who may need some added support. This helps to acknowledge and appreciate your contribution to your community.

Laugh more.
Laughing has been proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. Your positive energy will result in being more motivated and provides energy you need to get through the day.

Let go of expectations.
Negativity often begins with unrealistic expectations of yourself or others. It is important to understand that no one is perfect and accept yourself and others as they are. Do your best to live life to its fullest, and learn to forgive yourself when things don’t go according to plan.

Life is full of challenges. How you react to them makes a difference. A positive attitude can give you the strength to make the best out of situations and may result in less stress. Adopt a happier, healthier lifestyle – be positive.

Learn more about healthy living from CLV’s Fitness Aquatics Coordinator, Sherry Stick.

About the Author

Sherry Stick is the fitness and aquatics coordinator at Carroll Lutheran Village and has been working for CLV for nearly 20 years.