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Older Americans Month: Powered by Connection

May is Older Americans Month! Led by the Administration for Community Living, this year’s theme – Powered by Connection – focuses on the profound impact meaningful connections have on the well-being and health of older adults.Group of older adults staying connected.

Connectedness leads to:

• A greater sense of purpose.
For those who have spent years pursuing careers or raising a family, being an active part of a social community helps fill the need for belonging and meaning.

• Improved physical health.
Organized activities, such as group exercise classes, can help boost the immune system, decrease aches and pains, and lower blood pressure.

• Better mental health.
Older adults who are socially engaged on a regular basis are less likely to experience depression, stress and anxiety, and have a strong sense of self-esteem.

• Improved cognitive function.
Social connections and interactions often leads to continued learning, helping to improve memory and prevent cognitive decline.

CLV offers many opportunities to form meaningful connections in and around our community. Join a committee, sign up for a Lifelong Learning course, enroll in an exercise class or register to become a volunteer. Not only will you improve your overall wellness, you may help someone in the process.

Learn how CLV can help you stay connected and live your best life.